Oxford’s management believe in ongoing improvement. The company’s knowledge and the latest advances in technology are used in a campaign of constant advancement. The management believes that state of the art technology development is an essential element in providing the best possible service to customers. One of Oxford’s main strength is derived from the company’s investment in technology and systems over many years. Its commitment to technology was the basis for establishing the Oxford Logistics Group.

The following list is an example of some of the technology investment made by Oxford over the years:

The company’s advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been developed in-house for several years.

Oxford employs many technology specialists including Programmers, Information Technology specialists, System Administrators, and Database Administrators.

Oxford monitors all plant, machinery and temperatures via SCADA based technology.

A number of customised hardware and software solutions have been developed and implemented at Oxford over many years, which has led to improvements in many areas of the business.

Power redundancy including advanced UPS battery backups and diesel generators are used for all critical technology equipment.

Hardware redundancy including RAID, redundant power supplies, virtual server farms, centralised storage, redundant critical equipment and a strict backup regimes help to ensure extremely low levels of downtime within the company.

The implementation of Electronic Data Interfaces (EDI) with many clients.

The implementation of a Mobile Racking System fully integrated with the Oxford WMS.

The implementation of Automated Guided Vehicles used for picking and putting away of pallets within the warehouse.

Oxford’s commitment to IT is reinforced by the establishment of Radio Terminal Systems Pty Ltd (RTS). RTS manufactures, supports and repairs radio frequency (RF) data capture terminals and scanning devices. Manufacturing and support services are based on the same site as Oxford which provides Oxford with extremely high availability. The company has a large degree of control over the development and maintenance of its RF systems. RTS manufactures hardware for Oxford and a number of other companies around the country.

For more information on RTS please visit the: website.